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Health, mortality and the standard of living in Europe and North America since 1700 / ed. by Roderick Floud ...

Contributor(s): Resource type: Ressourcentyp: Buch (Online)Book (Online)Language: English Series: Elgaronline | Edward Elgar E-Book Archive | Elgar research reviews in economicsPublisher: Cheltenham [u.a.] : Edward Elgar, 2014Description: Online-RessourceISBN:
  • 9781784713072
Subject(s): Genre/Form: Additional physical formats: 9780857931788 | Druckausg.: Health, mortality and the standard of living in Europe and North America since 1700. Cheltenham [u.a.] : Edward Elgar, 20XX | Erscheint auch als: Health, mortality and the standard of living in Europe and North America since 1700. Druck-Ausgabe. Cheltenham [u.a.] : Elgar, 2014DDC classification:
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It discusses the early-life origins of adult health and disease, changes in height, weight and body mass, the definition and measurement of the 'standard of living', and the economic and social impact of health improvementsPPN: PPN: 1657703231Package identifier: Produktsigel: ZDB-1-EWE | ZDB-77-EEC
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